Dr. Nancy Radigan    CHIROPRACTOR
3979 State Hwy 30 Amsterdam, NY 12010
 and 225 Lark St. Albany, NY 12210
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About Dr. Nancy Radigan
Dr. Radigan has been in practice for over 25 years. Her primary concern is 
helping patients reach their health care goals. Chiropractic care is central to 
achieving those goals, but often is only the beginning. Dr. Radigan uses a 
number of different chiropractic techniques, and has a background in 
Nutrition, Rehabilitative exercise and Fitness, which combine to provide a 
unique, multi-faceted and layered approach, to address each patient's individual needs.  Since 1988, every patient is treated like they were a part of a very special family. Others may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch. 

Dr. Radigan is a Medi-fast Take Shape for Life certified weight-loss coach, and has helped a number of patients to achieve substantial weight loss. www.drradigan.tsfl.com

Dr. Radigan also performs wellness and health education programs for community organizations and employer groups. She presents on topics such as chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, wellness, injury prevention, as well as presentations tailored to the specific needs of a group. Contact us at drradigan@gmail.com for details.